huitres marennes oleron

The Fine de Claire Verte (green) Label Rouge


A product of superior quality, fine de claire Red Label, a label given by the French ministry of agriculture, is subjected to a highly demanding quality control regime. The oyster must be finished in claires at a density and for a duration rigorously defined by the regulations. It should be round and tightly shut, and correspond to an index of shape taking into consideration its length breadth and depth. The quantity of flesh is considered as a proportion of the total weight of the oyster. The Red Label fine de claire should present a characteristic green tint from its time in the claire. Finally, to guarantee optimal freshness the oyster should be sold and consumed a maximum of ten days after being taken from the water. The green colour, so highly appreciated, is the result of the presence of the naviculus micro algae, filtered by the oyster which retains the pigment marennine. This exceptional oyster is produced from October to May to respect its reproductive cycle and to guarantee them not to be milky.

Card product

  • Method of production
    Finished in claires for 28 days minimum (November – March), maximum density 3 kg per m2.Natural green colouring of the claire Sod between October and May only, specialised preparation and packing.
  • Product
    Consistent shape
    Sufficient quantity of flesh, translucent or white mantle, no milkiness
    Green gills
    Agreeable marine odour
    Finished flavour, typical of the region
    Balanced taste, salty, then sweet
    Soft to firm consistency
    Medium longevity on the palate
  • Consumer
    Lovers of green oysters with a refined taste

Certification IGP

All Marennes Oléron oysters are: :

  • Cultured on the French Atlantic coast
  • Finished or cultured in claire ponds in the Marennes Oléron basin
  • Certified by an independent inspector
  • Quality controlled by the quality service and independent inspector
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